Piercings have started to be popular from navels to ears to noses, it is a way of self-expression based on the type of piercings done. It is important to discuss your piercing expectations with our artists to ensure the piercing is done in the correct area. Make sure the area is shaved, cleaned and properly ready for the piercing.

If the piercing is for the ear and you have long hair, make sure to have an extra hair tie to keep the hair out of the way while piercing. Make sure you drink plenty of water, have a healthy meal and not drink caffeine of alcohol before getting pierced. Being hydrated is imperative for the piercing process.

We will provide you with an aftercare instructions on how to care for your pierced area. Please follow the directions carefully and avoid using hydrogen peroxide or any other cleaning solution other than they ones we advise you.

Ask our artists once the piercing has healed for more jewelry options, we can order any type of jewelry you are looking for.